Pay Back Kindness.
My story of kindness is unique in that it involves many people and takes place over many years. It’s the story of a student of mine who I have seen grow into a fine young gentleman because of the kindness of others.

I first met Tony when he was five years old. He was enrolled as a kindergarten student in my special education classroom. His preschool teacher had already contacted me before his arrival and told me a lot about him. I knew that he was classified under a pervasive developmental disorder which meant that he showed a lot of characteristics typical of Autism. She shared with me all of his unique traits like how he often hid action figures in his pants, spoke by quoting movie lines and had a real aversion to anything academic. They really didn’t know what he was capable of because he hadn’t produced much up to that point. That would soon change. read more →

I work an hour from home and one day on my lunch break, my car decided to make a crazyyyy noice… a loud, screeching sound. Panicked, what was I to do, I call my husband of course. I knew he could fix this problem if I let him hear it over the phone LMAOO…. I guess I sounded nervous of the thought that I would have to drive home for an hour with intermittent cell service and if I break down, what was I going to do. read more →