There’s been so much that I’ve wanted to share about what I’ve witnessed in the aftermath of Harvey. Every time I try to write about it I can’t quite seem to find the words. A few days ago I read an article and the author used the words ‘heart breakingly beautiful’ to describe it all and from my vantage point as a volunteer that sums it up perfectly. read more →

Six months ago my three daughters and I fled our home after one disclosed years of abuse that she had secreted away. We left behind a home, a $90,000 a year income, and everything but the clothes on our backs and a vehicle. We found ourselves in a shelter, 50 miles from home, with a bit of change, our only income for the foreseeable future.  read more →

It is important to take time in your life to see the beauty and the lessons that come into our lives but we tend to be too busy to take time to breath them in.

Today I had a sweet man come and put more installation into the attic. He had a challenge when he had to go up the ladder to get Sadie our cat down who can climb a ladder very fast. He was so gentle with her. As he handed her back to me, he told me quickly that he had lost his cat a few days ago. A cat that he rescued 10 years ago and told me how his cat loved to collect socks and bring them to him. I watched as he fought back tears and he was embarrassed. But just at that moment, shy Smudge our other cat, came running over and stood up against his leg to be picked up. When he picked her up she gave him a kiss and rubbed her head against his. He said thank you, it was what he needed. read more →

Pet ownership can teach kids many important values and
build positive character traits like giving, empathy and kindness. 

One of the overlooked opportunities of pet ownership, particularly if it is the right pet, is teaching our children how to care for something dependent on them. Kids can learn the art of kindness and compassion through caring for another creature and putting its needs first. The attachment to a pet is also incredibly important for developing empathy in older children.

At What Age Should Pets be Introduced?

In younger kids there are some benefits to emotional intelligence and pet ownership, however the reality is that kids under 10 years of age can’t really be responsible enough to manage the day to day care of their pet. Piaget, the developmental psychologist proposed that the concrete operational stage between 6-12 years is the time when kids start to become less egocentric and are able to see outside their own needs. It is generally assumed that introducing kids and pets any earlier than 6 years is therefore probably not necessarily going to teach kindness and empathy. The period of greatest attachment to pets appears to be amongst 9-10 year olds. Of course the health benefits of pet ownership tend to come at any age, particularly in relation to allergies. read more →

My daughter lives in Vegas and sees so many homeless and even volunteered on Thanksgiving at the Rescue Mission and took them razors and deodorant, and canned goods. She has someone ask her every day for money and sometimes she gives away her last dollar, but it makes her feel good to help out, and I am extremely proud of her for doing what she does. When I was out there, I was shocked at how many are living on the side of the freeways. It broke my heart, so I know it breaks hers every day. God Bless all who help them out. – Denise