I went to a park and lost 4 pendants with my husband’s name, my name and my 2 boys. My family had bought them for me as a 1-year anniversary present and I was devastated. read more →

RKCinwalletI found a wallet and phone on the road today. I was able to return them to their rightful owner who tried to offer me a reward. I told him a Ripple Kindness Card was in the wallet and to please pay it forward. I hope he does and I hope I get to read about it here someday! – Bobbie

My 18 year old daughter saw a lady struggling to hold her trolley and pack her groceries into the car, as the car park at our supermarket is on a slope. Before I could park the car she jumped out and went and held the trolley and helped her pack the car. By the time I parked and got to them they had finished and my daughter said to the lady to have a good day and returned the trolley for her. I must say today I am a very proud Mumma. It was so heart warming to watch her assist the lady off her own back. – Dema