My ex and I don’t split holidays, we share them together so our daughter doesn’t have to miss out on either of us. We buy together and contribute as a whole… not a half. Usually have Sunday dinner together as well so our girl gets at least one full family meal a week. We’ve also gone places together as a family because that’s what we still are. No courts, no payments, just us being parents like we signed up to be. read more →

Be Inspired.
Not so long ago, I saw a red Honda on the side of the road with the flashers blinking. I slowed and saw a woman on the passenger’s side. I didn’t want to frighten her but wanted to know if I could help. A little way ahead, I saw a man in his late seventies walking along carrying a gas can. I sped up and asked if he needed a lift. He smiled and thanked me as he climbed in. I told him there was a station about a mile up the road. Almost ashamed of himself, he admitted that he’d had a lot on his mind lately and didn’t even think about gassing up. read more →