This past week was M’s birthday. When friends or family members ask me what she wants for her birthday, my answer is usually, “Time”.

This year, M asked us to play at her favorite playground. She asked us to go swimming at the local indoor pool. She asked to share a pizza with her grandparents and to make enchiladas and ice cream cake with a few of her friends from school. And that…was it! No toys. No gadgets. No themed, decorated party with an agenda and entertainment. Just time with friends and family. read more →

Hard times.
A policeman pulled us over on the way home from the food pantry. My boyfriend had just lost his job and our plates had expired.

We pulled into the gas station to buy our kids a bottle of water to share and to eat their food pantry sandwiches with. We were hoping the officer didn’t run our plates, but he did, and pulled in front of our car and waited for my boyfriend to come out to give him a ticket.

We were so stressed (about to lose our house, etc.) that my boyfriend burst into tears and said; “oh come on, don’t do this to me right now man” and he explained our ordeal. read more →

My nephew’s birthday party was held in a big park on the weekend. My boys, 12 and 14, were the eldest kids there and took it upon themselves to look after their cousins and the other kids, the eldest being my nephew at the ripe old age of 6.

They spent hours running around with them, pushing them on their bikes, helping them with their food and watching them on the playground. read more →

My sister in law posted this today. So wonderful!

“I just love my son. After a long day yesterday, he asked me where I could be if I could be anywhere I wanted. I told him the beach. read more →

When I had back surgery, my mom went to our local Fannie May candy store and bought a big box of chocolates for the staff at the hospital to enjoy each time they came into my room. They were all so shocked, and I even had to talk some of them into taking one because they just couldn’t believe anyone would think of them like that (they thought I was trying to give them my personal chocolate!). They each visited me with smiles on their faces and warmth in their voices, and several of them stayed and visited with me and chatted for as long as they possibly could.  After that, I started taking chocolates with me when I would visit friends or family in the hospital. I’ve even taken home baked goods, too!! – Shannon 🙂