This past week was M’s birthday. When friends or family members ask me what she wants for her birthday, my answer is usually, “Time”.

This year, M asked us to play at her favorite playground. She asked us to go swimming at the local indoor pool. She asked to share a pizza with her grandparents and to make enchiladas and ice cream cake with a few of her friends from school. And that…was it! No toys. No gadgets. No themed, decorated party with an agenda and entertainment. Just time with friends and family. read more →

When I was a young girl in the Northwoods of Wisconsin, my dad had a career in a grocery store.

We often visited a local neighbor, a man who had some unique characteristics. During a visit around Christmas time, my dad brought a fresh fruit basket as we had noticed that his diet was mostly canned goods. Thinking this would be a nice “treat”, we felt good about our gift.  read more →

One of my nana’s told me once that the thing she loved most about me is my thoughtfulness and kindness to others, and not expecting anything in return. She is sadly no longer with me, but that is one thing I will never forget and when times are real tough for me, those few words of hers get me back on track. 🙂