When I was at school, there was a program in 9th, 10th and 11th grade in which the students had to do some social service. When I was going to do my service for the first time, I was very excited but also scared for all the new experiences I would pass through. read more →

This past week was M’s birthday. When friends or family members ask me what she wants for her birthday, my answer is usually, “Time”.

This year, M asked us to play at her favorite playground. She asked us to go swimming at the local indoor pool. She asked to share a pizza with her grandparents and to make enchiladas and ice cream cake with a few of her friends from school. And that…was it! No toys. No gadgets. No themed, decorated party with an agenda and entertainment. Just time with friends and family. read more →

I was having a bad day yesterday. I started off feeling melancholy, which then turned to real sadness… loneliness… feelings of guilt and disappointment in myself. I tried talking myself out of it as I’m usually very positive and living in the moment, enjoying life in each minute, but yesterday, I was failing myself.
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Children are the most important work

The best things in life are free!

Memorable days with your child needn’t cost the earth and often hold a lot more value when you use a little imagination and are prepared to step out of your comfort zone.

Here are 7 ways you can connect with your child, honor their unique self-expression and strengthen the parent-child bond without spending any money.

1. Let them dress you up and style your hair.

And if that’s not your thing, then they there’s always a massage, giving dad a shave or painting mom’s nails!

This exercise offers both parent and child the opportunity to tap into each other’s experience. Parents are reminded how it feels to have their hair yanked while being brushed or told what is and isn’t acceptable to wear. Children discover that taking care of others requires patience and kindness.

This activity allows us to reconnect with empathy and invites us to slow down and be fully present.

2. Play restaurant and make a menu or write a recipe book.

This is a wonderful opportunity to develop natural reading and math skills. Perhaps you have some special family recipes you can make together or pop in a home made recipe book. Use the internet to search for new healthy, yummy recipes to cook for your loved ones. Who knows, they may even become the new family favorites! read more →

Two of the greatest human needs is to be appreciated and to be heard. Take the time to listen and appreciate what is being said to you…. by anyone – even strangers.

I can’t tell you the countless times I have walked into a store to shop and then felt like I just had to “wait” to leave…. eventually someone would come up or bump into me and then start talking…. I would just listen and be lead to comment or ask questions – when the conversation was at an end – I always hugged them!!!

I know I helped someone but it still baffles my husband when it happens… you just gota love them.

That’s how I “ripple kindness”. – Shery 🙂

I gave 57 kindness hampers out at John Hunter Hospital in Newcastle with Mr Matthew age 3. We made people cry just by showing kindness by listening to them. I gave my time and I was given so much more in return. I was given hugs, smiles and genuine thanks, and even got shouted a coffee from a spunky guy! Woohoo! Matthew on the other hand was shown how to show strangers some kindness. That in itself was a lesson that will last my 3 year old a life time! – Amanda