My eldest son was friends at secondary school with a boy who didn’t have any other friends. He was bullied a bit, so my son invited him into his group of friends, who were a bit sporty. This boy wasn’t sports inclined but joined in, and they came to an agreement that they would alternate sports and other things during lunchtime.   read more →

There’s been so much that I’ve wanted to share about what I’ve witnessed in the aftermath of Harvey. Every time I try to write about it I can’t quite seem to find the words. A few days ago I read an article and the author used the words ‘heart breakingly beautiful’ to describe it all and from my vantage point as a volunteer that sums it up perfectly. read more →

I had a coworker that loudly yelled at me last week for something very uncalled for. I came in this morning and half of my office had chipped in for flowers and a box of Godiva truffles with a very nice note about how much I am appreciated. I’m sure the woman that was out of line felt quite foolish seeing how everyone rallied behind me. read more →

Our neighbors know that things are rough for us financially, so they save their recycling and pass it on to me so I can turn it in for a little money. I have always been grateful for that but never as much as I was on Friday. read more →

Ten years ago, I was fortunate enough to be the Administrative Assistant at a local church.

When I had started to attend years before, a friend would pick me and another older lady up and drive us to church every Sunday. I learned this older lady used to be the Administrative Assistant to the previous pastor. So almost every Sunday, the drive would be a terrible trip as we would listen to how this “new” (almost 20 years experience!) pastor was horrible, the church was unorganized, etc. Finally, it was enough! I yelled at God… either let me help her or shut her up!!
So now, years later, in the same job that she was in, I immediately remembered her, and thought…I’m gonna kill this woman with kindness if it kills me first! read more →

My youngest (10) likes to help out around the house as much as he can. Dishes, feeding the dogs and vacuuming, even though it’s had for him to push it back and forth. He helps prepare food and clean up after meals. read more →

My husband and I went swimming yesterday and as I was labouring up down the pool (not a pretty sight I can tell you!). x There were a group of people that came in the pool, brought in by a carer. I could tell they each had disabilities/issues of some kind.

One of the young men in the group was swimming up and down and as he passed other swimmers he would make loud guttural sounds and put his hand in front of his face. Most of the other swimmers appeared extremely embarrassed and either moved or looked away. The young man occasionally got an embarrassed smile. read more →

We’re having a particularly lean and difficult Christmas this year. With hardly any money in our account, last night my card declined on my small bag of groceries at my local supermarket. I removed an item. I tried another card, but still no good. My order was put on hold while I went to the car and scrounged every coin I could. Still, it was not enough. read more →

There is a homeless man in our community. His back story is that he is bipolar, no job, home, insurance or means to get the medication he needs. Since we cannot provide him with everything he lacks, we regularly buy him food, snacks, water, etc. read more →

So I work at an autopart store and today I had the most amazing thing happen.

So this old lady comes in and I greet her and ask if she needs any help. Well her car battery turned out to be bad and she needed a new one. So I looked it up and it cost $110 after turning in her old one. She agrees and I go grab it, I ring it up and with the $15 core charge it comes out to around $136. She slides her debit card and it gets declined. She kind of sighs and she gets out her credit card and it is declined again.

I can see she is almost in tears so I decide to remove the core charge in good faith that she will bring the old battery in and I take 10% off the purchase. She is very thankful and we try to slide her card again and its declined. Now I’m feeling very bad. read more →

I went into the local Lifeline shop yesterday to get some clothes for my young children.

I saw a man there with some children’s books under his arm and he was looking at some kitchen items. Most items in the shop are between $1-5. He kept returning to this one particular kitchen item and I thought he must be deciding between it and the books. read more →

Pay Back Kindness.
My story of kindness is unique in that it involves many people and takes place over many years. It’s the story of a student of mine who I have seen grow into a fine young gentleman because of the kindness of others.

I first met Tony when he was five years old. He was enrolled as a kindergarten student in my special education classroom. His preschool teacher had already contacted me before his arrival and told me a lot about him. I knew that he was classified under a pervasive developmental disorder which meant that he showed a lot of characteristics typical of Autism. She shared with me all of his unique traits like how he often hid action figures in his pants, spoke by quoting movie lines and had a real aversion to anything academic. They really didn’t know what he was capable of because he hadn’t produced much up to that point. That would soon change. read more →