We're helping inspire and empower individuals and schools to nurture positive social, emotional and mental health outcomes.

What's the secret to finding more peace, happiness, and satisfaction in your life? 

It may feel as if you need a magic potion to counteract the negativity in the world but there's actually a free, plentiful resource at your fingertips right now! 

We know the recipe for cultivating peace and harmony is not the same for everyone but one thing we know for sure is that people all over the world report greater happiness and well-being when they live a life that's based on
kindness and giving

Kindness is the Key

Kindness and generosity are so powerful because they result in feel-good moments that human beings need to thrive. A kind word or action creates hope which lifts and empowers not just the receiver but the giver and onlooker too. 

Studies confirm that kindness is a natural antidote for a variety of ailments because it has the ability to:

  • boost happiness, self-esteem & optimism
  • improve social, emotional & mental health
  • improve concentration & outcomes
  • enhance physical well-being
  • boost feelings of gratitude
  • increase peer acceptance
  • reduce anti-social & bullying behaviour
  • nurture inclusive & safe communities
  • lower stress  
  • reduce anxiety & depression

Kindness in Schools

Two school girls holding painted kindness rocks.

Given this impressive list of researched benefits, we find it astonishing that more people aren’t addicted to kindness! Can you imagine the positive impact kindness could have in schools? 

We've used kindness in combination with positive psychology, social and emotional learning, and mindfulness, to create an incredibly powerful formula for improving well-being and reducing anti-social and bullying behaviour!

We've researched the impact this multi-faceted approach can have in transforming the culture in schools and designed an evidence-based, heart-centred primary and elementary school curriculum.

Kindness in the Community & Workplace

Just like in schools, kindness can have a massive impact in homes, workplaces and the community too. Our blog, positive stories and free printables will help inspire you to spread it everywhere!

We've even created some kindness cards to help your acts of kindness grow bigger. Giving a card with a good deed reminds the recipient to pay your kindness forward to someone else. 

We have cards for adults and children to help inspire a feel-good world full of happiness and love!

encourage your good deeds to be paid forward to create your own exponential ripples of kindness.

Kindness Days to Remember

Random Acts of Kindness Day - 17 February
Pay It Forward Day - 28 April
World Kindness Day - 13 November

Kindness Days
to Remember

Random Acts of Kindness Day
- 17 February
Pay It Forward Day

- 28 April
World Kindness Day

- 13 November

How Ripple Kindness Project impacts schools, individuals and communities

"Mr and Mrs Ripple. I am Barbara, I am 88 years old. I just wanted to tell you how thankful I am for your page. I think about you guys a lot, and the good you are doing. I try and be a better person because of you, and I read and try and do good things for someone everyday. Your page makes me smile, it makes me giggle, it makes me darn happy. So, I just wanted to tell you to keep up your good work, even on the days when you think no one is listening, I am! and I am doing good deeds because of you! Thank you Mr and Mrs Ripple."

Barbara Vaughan

“The Ripple Kindness curriculum embodies what I felt our school needed: a positive approach to teaching children how to respond to each other and so prevent bullying or unkind behaviour. It is not an anti-bullying approach but demonstrates to children how they should treat each other. We need to model expected behaviour rather than just punish poor behaviour.”

Geraldine Ciantar, Principal

"Ripple Kindness has saved me from the depths of severe depression and has in turn changed my life. Do something today for the goodness of your soul."

Flick Gladwin

“If this makes a difference for just one child it is worthwhile and I can assure you that Ripple has already made a difference to many more than just one.”

Leigh Johansen, Principal

"Thank you soooooooo much for the cards! I have shared them with our students and two small church youth groups. Already hearing wonderful stories about helpful children and that they have asked their parents to go and do three kind things. Love the Ripple Project. xxx"

Beverley Redding

“We have been implementing the Ripple Kindness Project curriculum in our school and community. This is now the driving force of our school and broader community! What a wonderful world our students are creating.”

Aleasa Brink, Principal

"Ripple Kindness Project keeps me grounded. Your posts remind me to stay positive and be grateful ALL THE TIME for I am blessed!"
"I love how one little card can create so much love, kindness and compassion.
Whether I am giving a little gift or helping someone out, the smile on their face makes me feel proud to be a part of this wonderful project. 
It's like a happy virus or a Chinese whisper that's passed on from one person to another, words and concepts changing but always reaching everyone. I love it!!"

Rachael Kennedy

“Students have embraced the concept and the kindness has now extended beyond the school gates to the wider community. The program gave teachers the resources and lesson plans to help build their confidence and skills in embracing kindness as a part of our Wellbeing Program.”

Lyn Rodda, Ass. Principal

"I have discovered so much joy and great ideas since I found Ripple Kindness Project. I have certainly changed not only my outlook on life but found such joy in blessing people. It has made such an impact on my life that the ripple wave created only from you to me is enormous and I'm only one person. I truly believe that we are all taking small steps in making a brighter future. Thank you for blessing my life."