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10 Week Kindness Challenge for Kids – Week 9

Facebook Kindness Challenge For Kids Week 9

There's nothing quite as satisfying as planting a seed, watching it pop through the earth and grow into a beautiful plant. When you make that seed a vegetable, you're also creating a range of learning opportunities for your kids. 

Who would have thought that a humble carrot, pea or pumpkin could bring so much joy and education! You can of course grow flowers or shrubs, but here we'll talk about the benefits of a vegetable garden. 


  • As a family, decide what you'd like to grown. Make sure there's something that everyone likes included. Sit down and plan out your garden, how to prepare it, the soil, mulch and fertilizer, and of course the seeds or seedlings you'll need to buy.
  • Ask your kids to do some research online at your local garden centre and come back to you with a list with costings. When everyone's happy, place your order and wait for it to arrive! 
  • Watch some videos about tending to a garden and tips for growing quality produce while you wait for your goodies to be delivered. 
  • Once you've planted your garden, have the kids work together to water and weed. Get them to take a weekly photo so they can see how much their garden grows over time. 
  • Have them find recipies that include your ingredients so you're ready to have a cook up at harvest time. 

Already have a veggie garden? We'd love to see your photos!! 

Kindness Coloring By Numbers Cover

Haven't joined yet? Here's how to participate

Step 1 - Invite others to participate

Being a part of this fun challenge is easy and though it's aimed at kids, we'd love to see adults joining in as well. Apart from being a great activity to nurture positive character traits, we're aiming to send a whole lot of good vibes out into the universe. To have as bigger impact as possible, we'd love to see your kids invite their friends to participate. They can form a group and keep each other accountable while sharing ideas. Teachers may like to use it with their class and include a writing activity by having their students document each act of kindness with words and photos.

Facebook Kindness Challenge For Kids Instructions

To get them inspired and see what an impact a group can have, here's a math problem for kids to figure out. Count how many people they personally know are taking part of this challenge or are part of their group or class. Multiply that number by 10 acts of kindness for each person. The answer to that is how many acts of kindness they will give and how many people they will affected in a positive way! Imagine a class of 25 students, that's a huge 250 people who will be made to feel special. 

Step 2 - Download the checklist

Download and print the checklist. Color a star each week that an act of kindness is given. It doesn't matter if a week is missed, kids can pick up where they left off anytime but should aim to complete all 10 good deeds.

Facebook Kindness Challenge For Kids Checklist

Step 3 - Check our posts

One act of kindness will be posted each Monday (Melbourne time) on FacebookInstagram and here on our blog. Instructions will be given for each one. 

Step 4 - Share pictures 

Help inspire others by showcasing idea with photos! Go to our Facebook page and post yours under the appropriate post. We may even share some of them on our blog! 

It's as simple as that!

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