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11 Easy DIY Gifts to Help Kids Learn the Meaning of Giving

A Picture Of Tear Off Kindness Coupons That Kids Give To Their Family With The Caption 11 Easy Diy Gifts To Teach Kids About The Meaning Of Giving

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Help them experience the joy of giving with these fun DIY gifts!

Have you ever had a discussion with your children about gift giving? Most children see the act of giving as customary at particular times of the year but do they really understand the reason behind giving a present?

If you haven't talked about the difference between giving for the sake of it and giving with meaning then perhaps it's time to explain the heart factor that should lie behind every gift we give. 

Gifts are a way of acknowledging someone and showing our appreciation for the positive attributes that we love about them. It's important for children to understand that a large, more expensive gift doesn't equate to greater appreciation. In fact, parents and grandparents enjoy generally homemade gifts more than something bought because they know have been made with love and given from the heart.


From the moment they could hold a pen, my boys helped to make homemade cards. They loved presenting their artwork to grateful recipients and it was obvious they were just as happy giving as the person receiving. Even today, my husband and I still receive cute little drawings and meaningful words from our adult sons on special occasions. For me, it's the most beautiful part of my birthday or Mother's Day because they are popped into my treasure box to enjoy again on other days.

When embarking on a gift making project, use the opportunity explain the concept of gratitude and talk about how different people enrich your children's lives. Explain how a homemade gift is a lot more personal and meaningful because of the thought and attention it has been given.

Encouraging kids to make their own gifts is not only a fun hands-on activity that gets them off their devices, but it also helps develop fine motor skills, creativity, and mindful appreciation for the people in their lives.

When deciding on an appropriate gift to make discuss the person they're celebrating, asking them to consider what they like and the positive contribution they have on their life.

The following are just a few ideas to help you get creative at home or in the classroom.

1. Family kindness coupons

These are one of my favorite activities from our school curriculum. They're a fun way for kids to show gratitude towards their family and can be adapted for all occasions and age groups. Younger children will obviously need more help and guidance, but older children can use our coupons as a guide when creating their own personalized version. 

Free Family Kindness Coupons By Kids To Place On The Fridge For Family Members To Redeem And Act Of Kindness.


This is an easy craft activity for youngers using popsicle sticks, cardboard and yarn with instructions from Red Ted Art. 

Hearts Wrapped In Yarn And Attached To Popsicle Sticks To Use As Bookmarks

If you're looking for something for older kids you might like these cute pom pom bookmarks from 5 Minutes for Mom

Bookmarks With Pom Pom At One End And Hearts On The Other.

3. Stained glass candle holders

How cute and colourful are these candle holders! When I watched the video from and realised how easy they are to make I knew kids would love personalising them for the people they love. 

Here's another cute idea using paper doilies. You can find the instructions at

Homemade Candle Holders With A White Lacy Pattern.

And if you want more inspiration for candles and holders, Homedit have another 50 ideas!!!

4. Paperclip angels

When I was chatting with my friend Barbara from What's Under Your Cape, she told me about a gorgeous gift she'd received years ago and still treasures. Of course, I just had to find a tutorial for these cute little paperclip angels that are perfect for Christmas. Watch the video from Cooking and Crafting to see how quick and easy they are to make. 

5. Painted rocks

Everyone loves photos but most of them sit on our phone or computer these days. These cute little photo holders are great for either mum, dad or grandparents and are sure to encourage them to print their photos to put on display. Bugsy and Buddy explain what you'll need to make them. 

Painted Rocks With Wire And Beads Made Into A Photo Holder.

Another idea is for kids to paint flat rocks and decorate them with markers and glitter glue to give to their loved ones to use as paper weights. You could even glue a magnet on the back of lightweight rocks to pop on the fridge. Be sure to give them a coat of varnish or paint a glue that dries clear over the top to protect them. 

These were some we made to leave in the public spaces for people to find. We also took them to a school and gave them to students who just loved them!! 

Yellow Painted Rock With Red Heart And Small Black Hearts Around Edge.
Painted Rock Kindness Matters
White Painted Rocks With Red Hearts With Black Outline.
Img 3445
Img 3450

6. Bath bombs

Who doesn't love a good soak in the tub! This is another great gift for parents or grandparents alike! Get your step by step instructions from Playdough to Plato.

Homemade Bath Bombs Kids Can Make.

And because I love a good video tutorial, here's one from What's Up Moms

7. I love you because cards

Everyone loves to hear why they're appreciated so this sweet idea from The Taylor House is a great way to compliment and show appreciation to any family member, friend or even a teacher. 

Father's Day Keychain With Appreciations From Kids Written On Different Green Cards.

8. Personalized keychains

Another great gift that can be adapted for anyone, these keychains are cute and easy for kids to make. You can exchange the washer for another charm or some funky beads. Sophie's World Video show you the basics of how to make them but you're really only limited by your imagination.

9. Cards and prints

Kids artwork is something I always treasure, and I have a box full of it from every age and stage. I have to admit I'm a little partial to dandelions, so I had to include this gorgeous print from Glued to My Crafts. Follow the link to download their free dandelion print.

Child's Print Of A Dandelion With Coloured Thumbprints.

Very easy but very cute and effective. This thumbprint card could be adapted for just about anyone. I just realized if you were to turn the grapes up the other way you could easily make it into a Christmas card (with the right colors and a little glitter of course!). Find the instructions and other great card designs at Sassy Dealz.

Handmade Card With A Bunch Of Purple Thumbprint Grapes That Says Love You Bunches Mom!

10. Handmade wrapping paper

This is another activity I did with my kids when they were little. We made ours a little differently to Make•Film•Play. We had different bowls of colored bubble water which erupting into mountains of bubbles when the boys blew through their straws. They then took their paper and placed it gently over the top of the bubbles to transfer the shapes. Repeating with different colors we ended up with some great effects! 

If you'd like something a little less messy, there are some other ideas from Christina at The Purple Alphabet.

11. Sidewalk messages

This might seem like an unusual gift but it's one you can give to your community, school or even strangers! There's something so fun and a little naughty about drawing on the pavement so your kids will love writing positive messages and drawing little pictures. It's fun, creative and a beautiful thing to discover as you're walking along. 

Img 3457
Kindness Doesnt Cost Anything
Img 3478

We hope you were inspired to get creative with your kids to show them the true meaning of giving. We'd totally love it if you share your photos with us and we'll pop them below for everyone to see. Feel free to submit them at

Your creative gifts...

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