His story is sad, so I couldn’t resist

A few years ago, I befriended a guy in his 60’s, who had been incarcerated as a youth for murder. His story is sad and understandable with abusing issues from a young age by many he should have been able to trust to protect him. He had been kept inside beyond the time he should have and should really have been acquitted in his youth.One day, while recounting some tales from his life in prison, he reminisced about learning to play acoustic guitar pieces, much like John Williams, and mentioned he could play “Cavatina”, one of my favourite pieces. Two days later, I was accompanying his girlfriend, who was a good friend of mine, to a local charity shop and they were selling guitars. I couldn’t resist. I bought him a lovely acoustic guitar.

Upon returning to their home, I told him I found something that reminded me of him and presented him with the guitar. His eyes welled up and I could feel the wonder, shock and love he felt for this unexpected act of kindness. He was so overcome it took him several minutes before he could really speak. Within minutes he was giving us his rendition of Cavatina, and to see the look of bliss and freedom in his eyes and face was really something to behold.

If I do nothing else in this life, I know I have touched one soul deeply. – Anon ❤

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