An unexpected blessing

Last summer I did volunteer work for the birthday bank. Basically, it’s a food bank that gives children who live so deeply below the poverty line that they become socially isolated (no extracurricular stuff, no birthdays, etc) a birthday in a box. I was in charge of the presents that particular day, which is the best thing ever. You can pick awesome (and I mean legitimately AWESOME) gifts for kids.

There was a wild cat running around in the storage room. She was super skinny except for her belly – she was clearly pregnant. Took me three hours, after my shift, to catch her and she scratched and tore my sleeves open all the way down from my elbow… but I caught her! The pet shelter called the next day and told me she was healthy, but also in labour.

Fast-forward three months, I am now the proud owner of a VERY snuggly mama cat and her kitten. It’s amazing how fast she warmed up to me. I’m so grateful for this unexpected blessing. – Julie:-)

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