The start of a beautiful friendship

A few years back I was having flowers delivered to my office every single day for a whole month from a secret admirer. It got to a point that my office started looking like a wake. I was sharing the flowers with everyone in my office because I didn’t know what else to do with them.

One day a thought came to mind to take them to a nursing home. I picked up the phone and called several nursing homes in the area. Only one called me back and I explained what I wanted to do. I asked if there was a resident that didn’t have any family or visitors because I’d like to visit and bring her some flowers. The lady told me that she had the perfect person in mind and her name was Laura.

Laura had been there for quite a few years but had no one came visit her. So at lunch time, I went over to see Laura with a dozen beautiful roses. I introduced myself and asked her if it was okay to visit with her for a while. Laura was beside herself with excitement.

That was the start of a beautiful friendship between me and Laura. For three years, I spent my lunch hour visiting Laura. When I moved to Florida, I still visited Laura every time I was in town. I also called her on a fairly regular basis until one day I called and was told Laura had passed. – Ana ❀

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