Touched by Angels: Our Special Christmas

We had our Egg Nog, Swedish coffee bread, and Porridge on Christmas morning like we always do. Then off to see Mama at the nursing home.

We brought her a small Swedish coffee bread and a candy cane pen. I did her nails, she really liked that and loved the fact Reagan (our dog) came too. Handed out candy cane pens to the nurses and several of the residents there as well.

From there we headed to Denny’s Truckstop to pass out our homemade sugar cookies (in little baggies with a candy cane attached) to the truck drivers who had to work on Jesus’ Birthday. We both went straight to the truckers lounge to find some truckers. They were so thrilled to get a small bag of cookies, something unexpected and it warmed our hearts.


We went to eat then and figured we would find more truckers after we ate.

I noticed a man sitting at the counter (looked to be homeless). I said, “hi are you a truck driver?” He said, “well, do pick ups count?” I said “absolutely and handed him a baggie and said Merry Christmas!” He replied, “thank you so much ~ cookies from a pretty lady!”

Then I noticed a man with a Santa hat on sitting by himself, so I handed him a bag of cookies. He later came to our table and asked if he could sing for us. He said he sings for a living and can sound like Elvis and Randy Travis. I said sure, we would love it. He did sound like Elvis singing Blue Christmas and Randy Travis too. We applauded and he went back to his table. Every once in awhile, he would just start singing Christmas songs loud enough so everyone could hear him. His way of spreading joy I think.

Then here comes a man with a Kentucky jacket on, instantly I noticed him. He didn’t wait to be seated, he just walked past us and sat down in the booth behind ours. I turned around and asked if he was a trucker. He said, “yes I am”, so I handed him a baggie and said Merry Christmas! I smiled and turned around once again and said my husband had a stroke almost 6 years ago. He said, “it’s been that long already?” Wow, we didn’t know this man, so this hit me like a ton of bricks. He got up and walked up to Austin and put his hand out, Austin grabbed his hand. He told him through God you will be healed. He said, “God is working through me and you have to Believe.” He said, “I’m not God, but God has given me this gift to heal people” and he prayed for him. “So pray and believe you will be healed in Gods name. Read the Bible, keep believing and things will change for you!”

To me it was as if he was an angel, a Christmas one, special! There was a kind, sincere and loving person (angel) standing right beside us.

He said, “ya know I was going to stop at another truckstop, but something pulled me here. I believe in my heart it was the two of you.” He later told us he has helped several people in God’s name. A little boy was dying of kidney failure. He laid his hands on him and in God’s name prayed with and for him. The young boy is alive today. He wasn’t bragging at all, he was just trying to show us through God anything is possible. There was a certain aura about this man, I can’t explain it really. I was very calm, relaxed and very comfortable and I didn’t even know him.

We ate our dinner and I walked over to ask the homeless man if he enjoyed his cookies. He said, “well I didn’t eat them. See, there were two little kids whose Mom’s car broke down. They were waiting for her, so I gave the cookies to them.” I said, “Bless your heart, for that, here’s two bags for you. Enjoy!” This was so wonderful he shared what was given to him. I said, “I’ll see ya at Easter or next Christmas!”

We passed out more cookies and then Austin went to the car as he was worried about Reagan. I walked back in the restaurant part and the man who prayed with Austin waved me over. He stood up and grabbed my hand. He said, “you are suffering with mental issues and a lot of stress in your life. Through God, you too will be healed, believe and pray.” I could feel this strange sensation going through my body. It was surreal….. The tears started to roll down my cheeks, but they were happy tears. He said, “you felt something, didn’t you?” I said YES. He told me to Believe!

He also told me to keep working with my husband (I hadn’t told him I was). Take the cane away a little at a time and encourage him to walk. Pray with him every day and read the Bible. I was once again in awe and felt a huge load lifted from me.

Was this man an angel sent by God?
Was the singer an angel sent by God?
Was the homeless man an angel sent by God?
Whatever or whoever they were I felt so happy and full of joy and it all started with a little baggie of Christmas cookies on Jesus’ Birthday!!

I will never forget the special Christmas of 2013.

Thank you Dear Lord!

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