My angel Dave

I spent the holidays in Arizona. I live in Massachusetts and the airport in Boston is an hour away but there is a great bus service to my area.

The day I arrived home was the first storm of the winter and it unexpectedly left everything covered in ice. I got off the bus at ten fifteen feeling pretty exhausted. I had gotten several texts about being careful going home but the bus had no problems so I wasn’t worried. But when I started walking to my car parked in the large lot, I realized I was in trouble. I walked about three aisles and couldn’t go another step because it was so icy. My car wasn’t close and I’m afraid of walking on ice. What made it worse was I had a major fall last year on Christmas and I’m still dealing with the effects.

I threw my luggage on the ground because I was really afraid. All of a sudden there was a big man on my right saying he would help me. I said I couldn’t walk on this. He said he would help me. He picked up my heavy luggage in one hand, wrapped his other arm around me and proceeded to walk me to my car. I’m still saying I can’t walk. He’s telling me he’s got me and we are okay.

We finally find my totally ice covered car. He puts my luggage in and says he’s going to clean off my car. I ask him who he is and did he just arrive from traveling somewhere. His name is Dave. I’m still not sure why he was there. Apparently he works long hours and couldn’t get home to Maine that night because the roads are awful. He says he just helped an elderly couple on the other side and now he’s helping me. He’s quite the talker. Tells me he has a good life, everybody is fine, he has a good job, likes to treat people the way he wants to be treated.

Dave proceeds to spent almost an hour chipping my car out of ice. The wipers are frozen and he tries to fix it. Finally, he pushes my car out of the spot where it’s frozen to the ground. Keeps telling me not to go on any back roads, to stick to the highway.

No problem Dave. I’m listening. I’ll never forget you. Thank you for being my angel that night. I wish you every good thing in this New Year. Your kindness and generosity are amazing. A week later I’m still overwhelmed by it! – JulieΒ ?

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