Everybody needs somebody’s time

I was having a bad day yesterday. I started off feeling melancholy, which then turned to real sadness… loneliness… feelings of guilt and disappointment in myself. I tried talking myself out of it as I’m usually very positive and living in the moment, enjoying life in each minute, but yesterday, I was failing myself.

A dear friend of mine came over and could sense my feelings. He held me for a long time, tight, warm and his embrace instantly allowed me to let go of those negative feelings I was having. Never underestimate the power of touch and a hug. He then listened to me struggle with expressing myself, just listening, then assuring me how wonderful I am.

It made the entire day of feeling bad turn into a beautiful day. I love him for many reasons, especially for his ability to give me this wonderful gift. – Susan 


It is a shame when people forget that their legacy will NOT be in all the stuff they purchase and or hoard.

The fondest memories of those I love and have lost are of the ones who gave of their time and of their heart, souls and spirits, the ones who spent their time caring and sharing and not just of their stuff but of themselves, just being there, sharing their time with me. Of course, it is important to give to those in need of food, clothing and shelter, but everybody needs somebody’s time sometimes. – Diana ❤

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