It makes me just as happy

One of my coworkers was having a lot of things go wrong. Mother-in-law has Altzheimers and broke her hip, daughter has health scare. So much was going on and on top of it she had a couple days and she had to host her book club. She was worried and figured maybe she would just buy some food.

We work at a grocery store so secretly I bought a card that said “I thought you needed a lift” with a bloodhound driving a truck on the front and inside a gift card for our store. It wasn’t a lot but I figured she could put it towards food for her club. That way that would be one worry of her shoulders.

She figured it was me and told me I didn’t have to do that. I said I did it because I wanted to. She doesn’t realize that it makes me just as happy as her to do it!! – Darlene ❀

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