Stories of Kindness

Thankful for the assistance

Previously I have worked at a large local Autism center. Individuals come from near and far to get services for their children due to the center being the only one in the region. I’m sure you can imagine that the waiting list is extensive to receive services in any program at the center.

I met a woman at an event and she informed me that her child had Autism and was having difficulty with trying to potty train him. She stated that she had tried to get into the center but was unsuccessful. She had no idea that I previously worked there or that I knew someone over the list. We exchanged contact information and I gained her child’s information.

The next day, I contacted the person over the list and he had a slot available. He contacted her within a week to receive services.

I followed up with her later and told her what happened. She was so appreciative and thankful for the assistance. – Amber ?

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