Go above and beyond

I just wanted to send out a public but very important thank you to my colleague Jacinta.

Today at CHAMPION, one of our regular visitors came in. Usually, our regular comes in on a Wednesday so we were a little surprised to see her. Last week this lady had been unwell and today, when she came in she was unfortunately even more unwell.

We made a Dr’s appointment for her and Jacinta not only went and picked this lady up and drove her to her appointment but stayed with her. She then drove her to have Xrays, stayed with her through an unfortunate diagnosis and took her out for a bite to eat and a drink without any expectation that she would be reimbursed for her time or her money for the meal (she will be reimbursed).

I am so proud to work with Jacinta and to know her! She is an extraordinary human being with a caring heart and always willing to go above and beyond for someone.

CHAMPION has been operating for almost 2 and a half years and the people who visit us are important to us. They’ve become our extended family and we care about them. This is why we raise money, this is why we request food and when we can go this extra mile for someone, we are pleased we are able to. Thanks again Jacinta! LOVE YOUR WORK!!!

Thankyou! – Martina, ManagerΒ ?

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