Kindness at Subway

It’s no real big secret that restaurants have a time limit for disposing food that has been prepared and displayed. Most places just throw out the excess and guard the disposal like it’s gold.

The Subway four doors down from my last office in the same plaza would put the best of what they had to toss on a table behind the store, wrapped up safe and secure. There was a homeless man who lived in the woods on the undeveloped tract behind the plaza. It was his duty to ‘dispose’ of what was on the table after the sun went down. The manager probably just reported the disposal as part of the over-limit product she had to dispose of at the end of the day. Usually, all I had to dispose of was shredded paper, which is not all that appetizing, but every so often, something would wind up in my office I could add to the disposal table, just so he could have something different.

I ate lot’s of Subway on my busiest days. I appreciated something different from time to time… I’m sure he did also. – Wesley

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