The joy of giving

A long time ago, back in high school, when it was Christmas time, my best friend at the time called me one day crying because they had no money for presents. Their electricity, gas and phone were always being shut off. She had two younger brothers and her mom (a single mom) had been crying because there was nothing for under the tree.  

So, my boyfriend and I went shopping. We had a lot of fun picking out presents for each of the family members. They weren’t large presents, but there was something for her mom, her, and her two brothers.

We wrapped them up and put tags on them from Santa. My boyfriend dressed up in a Santa suit on Christmas Eve and he and I went to their house real late at night. I left the presents in a bag by the back door and knocked as loud as I could. I had to knock several times. My boyfriend stood in their backyard, which opened onto a field and I hid under the deck.

It was snowing a lot that night but eventually the mom came to the door and found the presents. My boyfriend waved at her and then walked off into the field (we had parked down the street). After she had shut the door, I ran to meet him.

My friend called the next day so excited about these presents. They thought the neighbor bought them things, but the neighbor had no clue. They ended up having a wonderful Christmas, with a warm house and lights AND presents.

About 10 years later, the story came up. My friend was telling me how they never did figure it out. I finally gave in and told her it was me and she laughed so hard. She called her mom and they were both so happy and laughing.

Christmas magic and the joy of giving never stop, no matter how old we get. Now that I’m a single mom, I know the struggle of having no money at Christmas. And now I understand more than ever just how important a thing it was for them. – Anon ❤

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