Great morals being taught at school

In Assembly today, our new Principal spoke about the school motto of always doing your best, and being kind and helpful to everyone we meet. He spoke further about doing Acts of Kindness and how my son’s class in particular, had welcomed a new student into the grade so warmly and have gone out of their way to make sure she feels welcome and comfortable.

We also heard about one of the year 5 students who found a younger child who was a bit distressed after school. This kind student went out of her way to comfort the younger student and seek assistance from school staff to ensure they got the help they needed. She also accompanied the younger student to a different part of the grounds and ensured she was ok before she left her. This kind act was acknowledged in front of the entire junior school and her act was considered a perfect example of the school’s motto of doing acts of kindness and being helpful.

It is great to see such morals being taught in our school! – Amanda 🙂

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