A chance to start living again

When I was in my twenties I lived in GA and we lived on the military base there. Every morning we would see a few homeless people on the streets. We had stopped and given them money and something to drink (coke, water, Dr. pepper, lemonade), whatever we had with us. I looked into their eyes and I saw gratitude and tears would sometimes run down their cheeks. 

One day we were passing by them and saw some younger people around these two men. We thought the younger guys were harassing these two homeless men. We pulled over and my husband got out of our vehicle to go check it out. I watched out the side window of my car like a hawk. I was expecting a fight to start or something bad to happen, but instead, as it turned out these younger guys were talking to the two homeless men about helping them with a job. They would get paid good money and would even have room and board. They would have full bellies every night and then a good night’s sleep on a real, comfortable bed.

Of course, the older two homeless gentlemen jumped at this chance. One of them cried and thanked the younger guys for giving them this opportunity. The other man told them they were saving their lives by doing this for them. The younger gentlemen loaded them up in the back of their pickup and took them to the job site. They gave them a hot meal and plenty of it. Then they showed them where they would be staying and even gave them work clothes and bought them some work boots. They even had their own bathroom and shower. They ended up working there for a very long time.

I only lived in GA for about 4 years and they were still working there and doing great when we moved. They looked so happy and grateful and full of pride. One of the men had been sending his daughter money with every paycheck he got. We later found out that his wife had died and the daughter was 19 and trying to make it on her own. These younger gentlemen are true heroes in my book. They picked these two older men up and gave them a chance to start living again. – Linda

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