A circle of kindness

I’d arranged to meet a new friend for a cuppa and chat. As luck would have it, we both pulled our cars into parking spaces outside the cafe at the same time. As we greeted one another, I commented on a rather unusual brooch she was wearing. Merryn told me that she’d admired it on someone and when she’d said how lovely it was, the lady had immediately taken it off and given it to her. She told me she was quite overwhelmed and surprised by such a lovely gesture.

We wandered into the cafe and up to the counter to place our order. The young girl serving us also noticed the brooch and expressed how much she liked it. Without thinking about it, my friend unclipped the brooch and gave it to our waitress. Her mouth fell open and she protested, but when she too heard the story of how Merryn had acquired it, she gratefully accepted and pinned it on her apron. By now I’m feeling rather chuffed and those feel good emotions were working their way through my system.

We placed our order and I told my friend to put her money away, that I had it. As I handed over the money, it was my turn to be surprised. “No, it’s on me!” said our waitress. “Put your money away!” I was dumbfounded and also started protesting, but Laura insisted, telling us how wonderful she was feeling.

Merryn and I found our table and contently sat down. As it turns out, I had bought a gift for Merryn, so we were feeling as if we’d completed a circle of kindness. It was really quite a thrill and we were feeling on top of the world!

When we were done, we said goodbye to our new friend Laura and she told us Merryn’s kind gesture had a special meaning for her and told me she’d email letting me know about it as there were other customers waiting. – Lis 🙂


Here’s her email.

“My name is Laura, I was the waitress at Mocha & Lime cafe who was gifted that gorgeous brooch yesterday.

I put the stack of kindness cards you gave me by the counter and quite a few people took one and asked what they were about.

I mentioned to you yesterday that I felt the kindness had come to me from a small gesture I’d put out to another person. It was only something little, but I think helpful to the recipient at the time.

I was at the Royal Children’s Hospital and there was a lady at the parking ticket pay machine looking flustered. She had started to pay her ticket price and had fallen short of change. She had a small child with her and was calling out to another child who she’d sent to the car to try and find some coins. She seemed quite tired and I could really relate to the heavy feeling of being in that situation. As she was calling out to him to please hurry up, I passed her a coin to total the payment. At first, she refused it but I insisted casually saying I know what it’s like, I’d had a tricky morning and that what comes around goes around. She took the coin and thanked me with a look of relief. I said “No problem” to which she replied; “God bless you”. It was a lovely sentiment and the intent warmed me.

It was lovely to meet you yesterday. Keep up the good work!” – Kindly Laura 🙂

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