Giving has always been easy

Giving has always been easy for me whether a small gift for a sick friend or just because. Maybe some baking or cooking or even a phone call to someone who lives elsewhere! Whatever you need, I’m there. It’s receiving that’s the problem!

My mom told me once when someone gives you something or does something nice for you just say Thank You! Your kindness and generosity are appreciated! Sounds simple but takes work! My mom also said it took her years to figure this out! Lol. 😉

I collect angels and a dear friend gave me a pretty little angel holding a bunch of flowers! She said it was from her little granddaughter! It was called the angel of generosity and was for a generous soul and that was me! It really humbled me and all I said was thank you, I love you too! She said I should have seen the look on her granddaughter’s face when she opened her birthday gift! I’d bought her a Barbie pull along suitcase! It really was cute! She said, “I’ve wanted one of these forever and it’s Mrs. Hook that bought it!” Had to share! She was 5 and definitely priceless! – Love Marilyn from Winterpeg!

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