The impact random acts of kindness can have

Megan5Anyone who knows us knows that random acts of kindness have always been our thing. We did what we could when we could. When my husband Scott died we really upped our game, trying to do a few times a month if not once a week, because at a time where we were at an all time low. RAOK were something that made us feel better. Then, about a month ago, I finally quit smoking. Which gave us an idea.

Megan2In the first month of not smoking most people save an average of about $100 – 150. So, we decided we were going to turn something negative, like smoking, into something positive. We went on a mission to spend every penny on RAOK. Every penny that would have gone towards cigarettes instead went towards doing something good, spreading happiness, creating joy, and bringing smiles to people’s faces, including ours. The kids LOVED coming up with different ideas, figuring out different ways to do things, and then putting them into action. They also asked to take pictures as they wanted them for their scrapbooks and we also wanted to show people how easy RAOK can be.

Megan3   Megan4
Some of these cost as little as $1, but that dollar makes someone happy, who in turn, may do something for someone else, who in turn may pass it on. You just never know the impact a RAOK can have on someone. I know that doing them has a huge impact on my kiddos. It’s something we’ve done since they were very little and hopefully, something they will carry on with their families once they are older. – Megan 🙂

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