His only request was we pay it forward

When I had just had my first daughter we were doing it a little tough and my partner at the time played a lot of online computer games.

He was in a “clan” and had met a few people from around Australia. One of them was an IT guy and had a pretty good wage and sent us a few CD’s with info on them and when we opened the case, there was $300 inside! He had included a little note that said there was $100 for each of us to spend on something just for us and his only request was we pay it forward when we were in a good position. I never forgot his generosity.

Three years ago, I was invited to the wedding of my fiancés friend. I had never met them but they came to visit us the day before. When they arrived I was crushed to see they were driving a really old rusted out car that was in such poor condition, I am sure shouldn’t have been able to have been registered. They had two children and were talking about having more. I was so worried about them driving around in such an unsafe car and they did a lot of long trips!

I spoke with Alan (my fiancé) and we gave them our Subaru RX as their wedding gift. We had just bought a new car and I thought about that $300 gift I had received all those years ago and how much it helped me.

It was lovely to see the look on their faces and while I think they have probably sold it now to get a bigger car, I am happy to know they have been safe. – Sam 🙂

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