The kindness she has left

I know a young lady in year 10 this year who wasn’t planning on going to the year 10 debutante ball. Instead, she was focused on her year 12 graduation as her parents were paying for it and she would not have to stress.

At the start of this year, she noticed a friend of hers being bullied and that no one else wanted to hang around with him. He confided in her that he wanted to go to the Deb ball but that no one would ever ask him (the girls have to ask the boys).

This young lady came home and explained to her parents what was happening and asked if she could invite her friend to the ball. She explained that he had his heart set on going but that no one would ask him.

With warm hearts, they agreed, of course, saying she could ask him but that she would have to pay for it herself. Being so grateful she said yes and went on the hunt for a job. Months went passed and no one called back, no money was coming in and time was going by really fast.

This young ladies parents could see what a beautiful heart their daughter had and decided to pay for the dress, shoes, styling and dinner for their daughter. Although they have limited finances they could see that their daughters act of kindness would have a lasting impact on this young man.

The debutante ball is in July and I know that the parents of this girl are very proud of her and the ripple of kindness she has left. – Lami 🙂

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