It took nothing to be nice

My husband Jim did a good deed and I’m so proud of him. He really has been trying to be more mindful and kindhearted.

During our family gathering on Saturday, a homeless woman came into our group and was obviously hungry. She looked as if she had some mental issues and possibly drug abuse related ones as well.

My hubby took her away from our group, as there were a few small children who were scared, and he sat with her and talked for a while, then came to the table and got her food. He sat outside with her while she ate and just listened to her story. He got her food to go as well and walked her to the corner of the street.

I was so very proud of him and the kids got so see their uncle just being nice to someone who was hungry. We had so much and they needed to see it took nothing to be nice. – Kim 🙂

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