Our giving will touch her in a positive way

This past week my 10-year-old granddaughter and I have given to a man standing on the road holding a sign that says “hungry”. She handed him the 5 bucks. We then talked about hunger and how terrible it would be to be hungry and have no food or money to buy food. Then we went shopping for Operation Christmas Child boxes and then home to pack them up.

We talked about kids in Africa and other countries who never get a present and are so poor that they have little food, very few items of clothing and no toys. We then discussed how the women in our family are givers. I work with the elderly as does one daughter, another daughter works with abused children and yet another works with the intellectually challenged. She made the correlation. I am hoping that our giving will touch her life in a positive way. I believe it already has, we are helping her to have empathy for the plight of others not as fortunate. – Lynette 🙂

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