Last night I had to go to Costco to pick up some things. As I checked out I decided to pick up 4 x $10 cash cards. But, how would I decide who would get them?

I sent hubby to the car and just walked around the checkout area. I had borrowed a sharpie and put ‪#‎belikeshag‬ on them. One woman smiled at me, so I said, thank you for smiling at me, I would like you to use this on your purchase. Another woman was buried deep in her checkbook – so I handed her one. Two ladies were happy and laughing, so they got one. And then there was the gentleman who had already loaded his purchases on the belt but let someone with one item go in front of him. He got one too because I loved how he insisted they go first!

What amazed me? Most people were stunned that someone would do something nice for them. It dawned on me that we are just so skeptical in this world and we do not know what to do when someone does something for us. We are so used to people acting jerky and rude in stores, that when someone is kind, we are shocked. It is time we change that. – Caroline 😀

ShagRecently, a Costco employee passed away in a terrible car accident. He was an amazingly kind and gentle man know as Shag. People are committing Random Acts of Kindness in his name.
Read more about how Shag touched people’s lives here.   

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