Thank God for people like him

A few years ago after a particularly hard day at work, I took my car to Costco because the battery needed replacing.

I had a two-hour wait and sat in my car reading. The window was down when a super fierce thunderstorm erupted. I tried to get the car started to roll the window up, but I couldn’t. The rain was pouring into the car and I was nearly in tears. Shag came out to help me by jumping the battery and got completely soaked as he did so. I was worried he would be struck by lightening and told him to go inside, but he continued to work his magic, getting the car started.

I tried to pay him, but he wouldn’t accept my offer. The next time I was in the store, I submitted a “praise” comment about Shag. I hope he was given a copy of it.

Before that night, I remember joking with him that his name reminded me of a dance one handsome Southern boy tried to teach me and asked him if he liked to dance. He always, always made shopping at Costco a pleasurable experience. Every time my receipt is checked in the future, I will think of Shag. Thank God for people like him. Whisper a prayer for his family and try to dance through life more kindly as a tribute to him. – Fay 

ShagRecently, a Costco employee passed away in a terrible car accident. He was an amazingly kind and gentle man know as Shag. People are committing Random Acts of Kindness in his name.
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