Love is such a small thing

Ten years ago, I was fortunate enough to be the Administrative Assistant at a local church.

When I had started to attend years before, a friend would pick me and another older lady up and drive us to church every Sunday. I learned this older lady used to be the Administrative Assistant to the previous pastor. So almost every Sunday, the drive would be a terrible trip as we would listen to how this “new” (almost 20 years experience!) pastor was horrible, the church was unorganized, etc. Finally, it was enough! I yelled at God… either let me help her or shut her up!!
So now, years later, in the same job that she was in, I immediately remembered her, and thought…I’m gonna kill this woman with kindness if it kills me first!

God revealed to me that she was the only person who had the skills that I needed. She had been at that church for so long she knew everyone, so she was the only one that I could trust with my job of keeping track of the weekly attendance without missing anyone. Once I asked for her help and told her how important her job was for me, she became a different person.

Every Sunday, she would be there making sure that every guest was counted and new people were greeted. I never heard another word of complaint about anything and every Monday as we checked our lists against each other, we would laugh and joke about the day before and our friendship grew.

No-one is born a bully or miserable or any of the things that we as humans have little patience for. I was no different. I didn’t want to take the time to learn whyΒ just wanted the whining and the complaining to stop so my Sunday morning wouldn’t be so rotten. It wasn’t until I actually started thinking about her and what she needed that anything changed.

Love is such a small thing… with such huge results. – Tracey

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