Reach out

10 years ago today, I was spending my first day alone while the rest of my family was traveling out of state. I was 22 but still very nervous about it. That afternoon I got a call that just totally changed my day and has stuck with me ever since!

It was from a lady I just happened to meet the day before, by accident so to speak. I was called by the church and asked to bring her to Communion as the person scheduled had been unable to make it. We had a lovely conversation as if we’d known each other for a long time. Among other things it somehow came up that I would be alone for the week and I was feeling a little nervous. So when she called me, it was such a shock!

What a very cool and loving thing to do for someone!! It was so comforting and little did I know it was to be the beginning of an amazing friendship! She was an amazing kindness bringer and never expected anything but it makes me so happy that that day some friends of hers from the church came over and sang for her!!

In her honor, I try to reach out to some who are lonely. – Susi

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