I appreciated her genuine appreciation

This is really simple but I was caught off guard and it was a really nice change.

As my son and I were leaving a local restaurant today, I held the door for several older couples going in and out. Just as I was about to let it go, I saw someone coming around the corner so I waited. She saw my little boy was outside of this little entry way and told me to go ahead, but I told her to go ahead because I wasn’t in any hurry (we’re still technically on vacation).

I’ve held doors since I was a kid because that’s what my mother taught me and now I just do it out of respect. Maybe half of all people will say thanks (especially guys) but most girls (except the older generation) just blow past like the world owes them something or whatever rationalization they make for ignoring that gesture.

This girl put on a big smile, said “thank you” and called me sweet. It’s a really tiny thing she did, and she probably doesn’t even realize how much it meant. I could tell she genuinely appreciated it.

It wasn’t until she was in the doorway and walking past that I realized she was a beautiful girl and dressed really well so I’m not the first person to hold a door for her. I just got back from Florida, was all scruffy and hadn’t even showered yet so I am 99% sure it had nothing to do with attraction. I can only assume she was actually thankful.

Anyways, this probably wouldn’t mean anything to most people but I appreciated her genuine appreciation. – mnmul (reddit)

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  1. Kindness is universal. Some people don’t know how to say thank you without feeling obligated but kindness touches them just the same. We never know where that action may lead.

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