Our two kind strangers

Something wonderful happened to us thanks to various Facebook notice boards and we wanted to share our experience.

Susies-DaughterMy eight-year-old daughter has autism Spectrum Disorder. She has a lamp from Smiggle with glitter and lights that helps her get to sleep.

Two weeks ago she dropped her lamp and broke it. So we posted on message boards in our area in search of a replacement. Many people offered similar lamps and someone from Smiggle tried to find us one. We found smaller ones that were similar but sometimes with children with Autism, similar doesn’t quite cut it!

Then I received a private message. AΒ wonderful couple had found us one….. in England!! The last blue one available (the colour of my daughters). Not only had they found it but bought it and was getting it shipped to Australia. They had it sent via courier straight to our door. And it was a gift!

There are some extraordinary people in the world. I will never forget this and I will pay it forward ten fold. Small acts of kindness can have such a significant impact on people’s lives. I will always remind my daughter of the people who sent her the lamp from England and encourage her to offer such kindness to others – although in all honesty that generosity has always been a part of her spirit.

Be kind to each other. 1F60A

Thank you to our two kind strangers. – Susie Butler😊

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