Reconnecting with my teachers

Susi-TeachersRecently I sent some coupons to my old elementary school (that I went to from ’89 to ’94), just in an act of kindness since I know some teachers have to provide their own supplies, etc. I wasn’t really expecting that the current principal would know me, but I still wrote a letter, telling her of my intention in sending the coupons and for some reason felt inspired to name the teachers. 

Maybe a week later, as I was wondering if my packet made it safely, I got an email from a woman with a familiar last name. And guess what?! It was my fourth-grade teacher!! She remembered me after 23 years and said she had tried multiple times to find my contact info. She doesn’t work at that school anymore (teaches at another school now) but her friend does and passed on my letter/contact info!! 😀

Reading her email gave me such a rush of energy, excitement and gratitude! I decided I wanted to respond, but since the email had her work address and she mentioned how nice my letter to the other school was, I snail-mailed her. FOUR looseleaf pages with writing on both sides! I was in shock that I had that much to write 😀 and truly, I could’ve written more still.

23 years are a lot to fill someone in on. I also made her a bracelet. Hope my letter brings her the same joy she brought me and that she may be able to help me connect with my 3rd-grade teacher (who she is still friends with). – Susi 😀

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