None of us are perfect

I was at our local IGA supermarket and had just got in my car, went to start it and saw a mum with a maybe 6 month old on one hip, two bags of groceries in one hand, another bag in the other hand and a toddler struggling to let go of that hand in the car park. Cars and stuff about, obvious danger and mum was trying hard to get the toddler to stay with her.

I jumped out and called out ‘would you like a hand?’ and she almost collapsed in relief. I picked up said toddler and we walked to her car and I chatted to the little fella for a bit while mum put the groceries and baby in the car. As mum came round and was thanking me profusely I said ‘it’s ok I’ve got two of my own, I know what it’s like’ she replied ‘how do you do it’ and I just sorta chuckled and said mine aren’t as little as yours. And then we said bye and off I went.

As soon as I started driving her words echoed in my head ‘how do you do it?’ Mums I’m sure you agree – we all have those days! None of us are perfect and neither are our children. There are days where you feel like you have done everything ‘wrong’ or haven’t done it ‘right’ but there are no such things. We do the best we can, in the situation we are in and with the tools we have.

So, to that awesome rocking mum in the car park of Harris Farm this morning – I wish I had of gotten your name and exchanged numbers! If this somehow finds you, I want you to know you are an awesome mum and you are doing THE HARDEST job in the world. I saw you trying hard to protect your son from danger and yes I offered to help you, not because I didn’t believe you could manage but because I saw myself in you. You accepted a tiny amount of help and together we got your kiddies safely to the car and on your way. That shows strength and courage.

So anyway I guess my point is – don’t be afraid to offer help if you see someone needing it! And on the other side of the coin don’t be too proud to accept help. My only regret from this act was I didn’t exchange numbers and reiterate to this mum that she’s doing an awesome job. Maybe with the power of Facebook we might connect again. I dunno where it changed from needing a village to raise our kids to us feeling like we have to do it all on our own but bloody hell, let’s get back to the village!!! It would be far less stressful, less pressure and so much less lonely!!! – Amanda

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