Tia’s Random Acts of Kindness

We received two lovely messages why two of the Random Acts of Kindness we’d given had meant so much.

AngelThe first message from Michelle told us how she had recently seen a Psychic who had told her that her Mum was watching over her wanting her. She wanted her daughter to have an angel ornament. Though we have known Michelle for a good few years, we didn’t know about this until after we’d given her an angel as a Random Act of Kindness.

The second message from Jeanette explained how she was feeling upset after watching a programme that triggered memories of her daughter she’d lost to cancer.  We didn’t know Jeanette until receiving her message and becoming facebook friends, but she had received an angel as a Random Act of Kindness from us.

Both of these stories really touched our hearts and we would like to believe that those angels were sent to Michelle from her Mum and Jeanette from her Daughter via Tia’s Treasures Random Acts of Kindness. – Tia’s Treasures

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