The little dog might be hungry

At a freeway off ramp stood a man with a shopping cart. He was painfully thin. In the child seat of the shopping cart was a cute dog with a flowered hat. He would walk back and forth asking for money and talking to the dog, and she would bark in response.

I was on my way to the grocery to pick up some stuff for my cousin and had some change. I gave it to the man but didn’t think it was enough, so in the store, I decided to buy some ham, cheese and a loaf of bread for him. The nice lady at the Deli gave me some mustard packets and I went to find the pair.

It was autumn and the night would be cold. He was leaving, so I drove over and got out of the car, calling to him, “Sir? I thought you and your little dog might be hungry.” He made his way down the hill and I handed him the bag of food. He thanked me and blessed me, then looked in the bag about halfway up the hill, exclaiming “far out!” when he saw what was in the bag, then showed it to his companion and she barked in agreement. – Ty 

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