He stood with us

In late 2012 my children were kidnapped and slated for the (then unknown) child/sex slavery auction block effectively running in the underbelly of our society.

As I began the process of discovering what I was up against, I sent out a plea for assistance, which was answered by a retired Special Forces Ranger, who came along side of me and began the grueling process of investigating this mass fraud perpetrated against our nation’s most vulnerable. After 369 horror-stricken days, and seemingly endless hoops to jump through, my children were extracted from the vice grip of this horrific situation and were returned to my loving arms.

I can never thank him enough, or those who stood with us, for his REFUSAL to allow my two beautiful children to be subjected to a life of trauma. This kindness was something only he could offer, and which I will never be able to “pay back”. Thank you God, Dr. Leeper, and team… for your relentless fortitude and for using your special talents, skills, knowledge, and wisdom to break the grip of terror in our lives. You are truly a cornerstone of what makes this Country great, and together we WILL dismantle the crime syndicate behind the abduction of our Nation’s children! God bless. – Anita 

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