Songs and prayers to help her pass

A few years back I became friends with one of the nurses at a local nursing home. She was amazing! The kind that I wish every home was filled with, singing, dancing, just flat out loving them and helping in so many ways on so many levels! 😀 Incredibly, that was just one of her jobs, as she was also a caretaker for several.

One day, one of them was close to death and so she asked me to come and pray over that woman and sing to her! What a HUGE honor! (She knew of my hospice work and had heard me singing to the patients at the nursing home). I was shy and nervous but agreed to go. Again, I witnessed such beautiful acts of kindness and love from my friend, even though the lady was hardly responsive. 

A few days later, I was invited back, so went. Sadly, and embarrassingly, I started feeling really ill and had a bad panic attack. Making it worse, the lady’s family was there and had heard about how I had helped many before (yet at that time, I couldn’t even focus on one scripture reading). They ended up leaving for a bit and I tried to collect myself (that attack took hours to recover from).

Later that evening they came back and I apologized, saying how embarrassed I was and they were all so kind and understanding! One of her grandsons was there and he put his arm around me, kissing the top of my head, and told me not to worry, I was family now! That meant SO SO much! And did the sweet reaction of a big brother or cousin. 

To this day I think about that even though we have never seen each other again. Before I left, I sang again to the woman. But the family waited in the hallway, just in case I felt too shy! So considerate of them!!

Two more blessings from that night were that the son came into the room as I sang one of their favorite songs (Ave Maria)! Very powerful! Also, they made sure to have lots of snacks and what not on hand for the nurses and others taking care of the lady! She died the next day (thanksgiving), which was rather sad, but I am so thankful for that opportunity!

Two more times, my friend called me to a patient to sing to them and pray over them before they passed. – Susi

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