He saved my life

There was a time in my life when I saw nothing but darkness ahead. I was spiraling out of control, drinking and partying everyday simply to dull the pain. I was headed into an abyss, and it seemed nothing could stop me from falling over the edge.

People tried to help, but I wouldn’t listen; I refused to hear what they had to say. I came very close to having it all crumble down and come to a grizzly end. And then I met a man. It sounds cliché and overrated, but I met a man and he changed my life.

He didn’t give up on me, because he knew eventually I would be ready to listen. He showed me support and kindness in a time when I felt I didn’t have any of it from anyone, because I’d pushed them all away. Eventually, he showed me love. And once again, he was patient enough to wait for me, to wait until I was ready to return that love.

That man’s name is Carl, and he became my husband. He’s become my everything and he saved my life, of that I have no doubt. – Lieselot ♥

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