My husband’s giving heart

My husband was trying to make his way home to Charleston, SC from New York City, NY on a greyhound bus. Due to a snow and ice storm, the buses stopped running and he is now in Fayetteville, NC.

He immediately went across the street to obtain a motel room before it got sold out. A few hours later he went back to the bus station to get something to eat from the café but someone had decided to shut down the café even though the station was packed full of passengers.

My husband found an outdated phone book and started calling Chinese restaurants to order food. A few other passengers also started calling. Somehow he found one that was open and was willing to deliver so a group of people put in orders.

While waiting for his food, he saw a young woman that was also stranded with her two very young children. They were cold, agitated and crying. He politely went up to her and offered to pay for a motel room of her own across the street. She was so happy and surprised to be given this wonderful gift from a complete stranger and accepted. He walked across the street with her since it was dark to insure her safety as well as her kids.

I am so proud of my husband for having such a giving heart.
– Doris

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