Little gifts

Gratitude Is The Healthiest Of All Human Emotions

I teach at a Title I school (which means over 75% of our kids are on free/reduced breakfast/lunch status). Almost every morning one of my little fellows brings me FOOD from the cafeteria (an apple, pear, box of raisins…).

I felt bad accepting his “gifts” and finally asked him why he brought me food (I am NOT malnourished at all LOL). He said happily “Because I like you!” So, now I accept his little gifts and try to eat some of it in front of him so he knows I appreciate his thoughtfulness. – Terri

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  1. Lovely story. Reminds me of one from the Depression era, where a little girl came home from school and explained to her mother/grandmother that they were supposed to bring in some food for the poor people the next day. Her mother (admittedly under great strain) was about to launch into a tirade about how little THEY had and how they REALLY didn’t have anything to give, when she was cut off by the grandmother. The grandmother told the girl to go into the cupboard and get one of the jars of preserves, put a cut piece of calico across the top and tie it with a bit of ribbon. She could bring that to school.

    After the little girl skipped off to the kitchen, the older woman turned to her daughter and explained that she would do more damage to her little girl’s sense of well-being by telling her how poor they were than could possibly be caused by losing one jar of jam…
    (author unknown, but appreciated)

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