I’d do anything for her

Where Life Begins And Love Never Ends.

I lost my family home about a year and a half ago due to a fire. My family lost everything and I was forced to live with friends and relatives but my dad was luckily safe in a VA nursing home. With no food or clothing, we needed help with just about everything and many kind people were there for us but because we lost our vehicle, my sister and I are now unable to visit dad as much as we used to.

When I was able to get an apartment, my sister moved in with me and stayed for a lot longer than was allowed. We could have both been evicted but I’m pretty sure the building manager turned a blind eye as she knew of our situation and we were so grateful to her.

Eventually,Β she had to move out and ended up living in a highly stressful environment. My heart was breaking for her and I’d have done anything to see her happy again, so last month I gave her half of my income as a security deposit so she could get her own place in the same apartment block as me. – Julie

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