The most generous stranger

Doing Good Is A Simple And Universal Vision.

I was without a car for a couple years. My husband and I are getting older and sickly and I haven’t been able to work so I’d drive his big work van when I needed to go to town.

I have a lot of kiddos and grands, and my neighbor, who I barely knew, watched me loading babies into the van for awhile. One day he called my husband over, he had done work for this neighbor a couple of times, but still barely knew each other. Anyways my very kind neighbor gave me a car! He was getting a new one and worked out an arrangement for my husband to trade $2000 in future work and just handed him the keys and title for me to have a car to haul all these babies around in.

That was about the most generous thing a stranger has ever done for me. I am still so grateful. – Cheryl

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