love for my bua ji

Love Is Friendship That Has Caught Fire.

I am writing a short message of love for my bua ji (aunty). She is elder sister to my father and her name is Gudi Kaul. She lives in Faridabad India and I love my bua ji so much. She is close to my heart and I want to share something with you. Bua ji is having a pacemaker in her heart. My heart cries a lot and I tell mamma and papa she is very special for us so I pray for her every day.

One day she called papa and with a loving voice she says how are you and all and gave blessings to us. Then she asked for some money for a marriage function of bubul bhaiya her son (bubul). My papa said ok, do not worry you are my loving sister. She was very happy that day and I remember I said to papa I love my bua ji, we will help her, it is a token of love, not money. Papa said yes my son, this is very heartwarming for me. I love you bua ji may angels protect you always love love love you so much

I love you bua ji. May angels protect you always. Love, love, love you so much. – Gautam

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