The most important person

Highly Sensitive People

My grandmother was the most important person in my childhood and truly made me the person that I am today. We were extremely close and had a connection that was unlike any other. She became ill and in the end hospice came in to help her stay comfortable at home as she neared the end. We had several nurses assigned to care for her over several days who were all incredible. The care and respect they showed my Gram was more than I would have ever expected. They treated her like she was their family.

The moment finally came when she passed away and it was very peaceful (although heartbreaking). After a while, I left the room and when I came back in, the nurse was gently combing her hair. It was one of the most precious sights I have ever witnessed. This nurse doing such a simple, loving gesture. I will never forget the feeling I felt in my heart. The most important person in my life had just left me and the nurses’ kindness helped me through it all. I said to myself on that day – I will pay this forward. Since that time in 2009, I have volunteered for this hospice. I feel so fortunate for the times I’ve spent with families. It’s such a sacred time saying goodbye to a loved one. I plan to volunteer for hospice the rest of my life. – Kimberly

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